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Panty Cat is a character from MaciGame, a Japanese game for Macintosh computers. Panty Cat is a cat that likes to wear panties on his head.

I wish I were creative enough to have thought up Panty Cat, but the credit goes to the author of MaciGame, Takeshi Takehasi, who is very skilled at drawing cute little critters.

Here's what the Panty Cat graphics used in the game look like (enlarged to double size for your viewing pleasure:)

Panty Cat

(The little Macintosh wearing the panty doesn't show up in the game.)

The object of the game is to make the cat wear all the panties on his head.

Panty Cat in action

I don't understand why a cat sniffing panties is funny... it just is.

You can visit the home page of MaciGame to get your own copy, if you would like to play with Panty Cat.

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