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first mentioned on a.r.k by Archimedes Plutonium, February 1998

Nobody's really sure what Mr. Plutonium (yes, he says that's his legal name -- he has proclaimed himself "King Of Science") was complaining about, except that he wanted to stop anyone from ever mentioning his name, so once he started ranting about "search-engine bombing" everyone started mentioning his name (Archimedes Plutonium). Somehow he also tied this into some conspiracy theory about NASA, a Canadian university, and my Internet Service Provider trying to stop his "Harvest Project" to land the Moon in the Pacific Ocean to prove his theory. Let me know if you ever figure it out.

See Archimedes Plutonium's Web page for more stuff as coherent as the following.

[excerpted from a posting by Archimedes Plutonium, March 1998]

  I had figured out the trap by late fall. Using the classical trap
 method. I would pretend to want one thing, but really want the other.
Dupe them. They would think that I want not to be searchenginebombed.
Whereas I really want it. Why? Well, this story is not over with yet
and I will not say until it is. And I am sure some wise people out
there reading this as of this day of 3Mar98 can clearly see why after
seeing a few of the Harvest Project comic strip posts. After this story
is over I will tell the full reason, for those that cannot see why.

  And once I start the trap, I got to go all out acting as if I hated
to be searchengine bombed. And at the peak of the searchengine bombing,
make a "ass of Kibo".

  My hope was that by early next year -- 1998 Kibo followers will put
my name in their sig block.

  Hopefully Kibo will come on, scared that I was grabbing too much
attention that I was getting more luminary to his herd nerd than Kibo
himself. And would come on saying something like quiet it down
"buddies" and of course add some of his characteristic mockery.

  That would be the peak, and I should come on Usenet and "surprize".
Kibo and all of your goonclods are trapped. All inside a steel cage

 And from that day forward utilize the searchenginebombs for the
Harvest Project. It will be fun to watch the nerd herd bewildered and
not knowing what to do, to ignore AP or to continue to broadcast AP

  Here I should include all of those posts that were rah rah and
put-downs of AP, and surprize slap in the face, that kibbite fell hard
into the trap.
 The idea would be to feign that I needed the search engines of
 and Altavista. Kibo would fall for it as well as his herd of nattering
 nutters. Instead of doing what I ask them to, they will do the
 and intensify it. Kibo and none of his followers are straight people,
but crook't. Like a lynch mob, none have good brains and go with their
mob violence.
 Months earlier before the Harvest Project I had already posted
requesting Kibo to stop his mocking
 of my posts. That would be the tool to bring the searchenginebombing
 onto front stage and center.
  Display the posts showing me laying the trail that I hate
  Show Kibo and his gang laughing as they searchenginebomb me.
 (Here the Dejanews and Altavista archive preserve all of those posts.)
  Show a scene where the nattering nutters are putting my name into
 their signature block and commenting to one another that oh how
 and how much in a rage AP must be when he sees these bombs.
   Show me the next day gleefully seeing that there are more and more,
 mountain of bombs in the search engine.
   Show me putting on a terrific actors act of feigning angry because
 Kibo nattering nutters are unloading their bombs.
   Show me even with a straight face contact Tlerll's abuse desk to get
 him to stop before the end of February.
  Show me practicing the comic strips for the Harvest project before
 March of 1998. It is those comic strips that I will utilize the
trapped bozos of a.r.k. Show me practicing the 10,000 liners for the
top ten
 newsgroups of the author Archimedes Plutonium as of 1 March 1998