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Anthology Volumes

The following links are large books in Adobe Acrobat PDF form. I highly recommend saving these links to disk (right-click in most Windows browsers, hold the button down in most Mac browsers) instead of trying to read them in your browser window because, well, they're big enough to choke your browser. Save them to disk and them read them at your leisure with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from Acrobat Reader 3.0 or later is required; 2.1 will not work!

  1997 (vol. 1) Alt.Religion.Kibology "Best Of" Book (14.7 megs, 343 pages, 8.25x11") NEW!

  1996 Alt.Religion.Kibology "Best Of" Book (8.6 megs, 307 pages, 8.5x11")

  1995 Alt.Religion.Kibology "Best Of" Book (1.2 megs, 125 pages, 8x5")

  1994 (vol. 2) Alt.Religion.Kibology "Best Of" Book (2.9 megs, 223 pages, 8.5x11")

I'm currently working on the other volumes, including the remainder of the three-volume set for 1997 and the earliest (1991) one.

Posters & Stickers

  Kibo's latest .signature (1 meg, 1 page, 17x11")

  "Kibo Inside" and "Carl Sagan BHA" stickers (130 K, 1 page, 8.5x11")

  Kibo's diagram of the only joke on a.r.k (76 K, 1 page, 8.5x11")

  HappyNet 1998 propaganda poster (color) (22 K, 1 page, 8.5x11")

  HappyNet 1998 propaganda poster (black and white) (21 K, 1 page, 8.5x11")

Desktop Pictures

These are all 640x480, 256 colors. The Mac versions include a PICT file (which can be used with the Desktop Pictures control panel in Mac OS 8) and a StartupScreen (drop it in the System Folder for Mac OS 7 or later to see it when the computer starts.) The Windows versions are BMP files, which go just about anywhere in Windows.

Kibo Inside logo
Drawn by Kibo (inspired by, duh, the Intel and Apple logos)
Mac Version
Windows Version

Animal 57
Drawn by Kibo (inspired by an urban legend)
Mac Version
Windows Version

Battle-Girl Giant H
Drawn by Kibo, based on the Battle-Girl pumpkin template (courtesy Ultra|United Games)
Mac Version
Windows Version

Erin Moran's flaming head
Drawn by Kibo (the head was frame-grabbed from a "Happy Days" rerun)
Mac Version
Windows Version

HappyNet poster
Drawn by Kibo (first in 1993, redrawn 1998)
Mac Version
Windows Version

More To Come

(I've got many megabytes of other stuff that will show up here eventually.)

Geez, I hate people who don't finish their web site. Anyway, I've got lots more stuff on the way, including Presidential campaign materials, pictures you can use on your desktop, text archives, and other stuff. Be patient and I'll upload enough stuff to choke your crummy little computer.

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