I know the movie industry is corrupt because I mailed this proposal to everyone I know in Hollywood and I'm not rich yet! I wrote it in October, 1993.


a film by
James "Kibo" Parry

cinematography by
Edward D. Wood, Jr.

The Mentos jingle begins to play, a bouncy upbeat song which the "groovy" teens of today will enjoy. Something they will "really dig".

Happy perky teenagers, all played by 26-year-olds, are waiting for their favorite celebrity to arrive at a fancy hotel. They are all jumping up and down and waving signs which say "HAPPY", "EXCITEMENT", "SIGN", and "GENERIC". They are being kept at bay by two crusty but loveable grumpy security guards wearing baseball caps which say "SECURITY GUARD".

Kibo, a perfectly normal 26-year-old teenager, is trying to get past the guards with his hip Kodak Brownie camera. They won't let him, so he smashes one guard's face against the wall. Blood spurts everywhere and Kibo takes the guard's hat and strolls into the hotel. As he exits, he waves a roll of Mentos at the injured guard and smiles. The bleeding guard smiles back.

Six policemen in pink and lime green riot gear appear and drag Kibo away. They make him stand in a lineup with three other people also wearing "SECURITY GUARD" baseball caps. Kibo pops a Mento into his mouth and turns the hat backwards. We see a silhouette of someone pointing at the suspect next to Kibo. Kibo smiles and holds up his roll of Mentos.

The innocent man is now strapped into an electric chair. Kibo pops another Mento into his mouth, smiles, and flips a large switch with the roll of Mentos. Sparks fly out of the chair and a flashing neon sign saying "MENTOS" lights up. Everyone laughs. Freeze-frame.

Jingle: Fresh feels funny, fresh feels funner when you're mental for Mentos!


and for the adults...MENTOS AFTER MIDNIGHT

Copyright © 1993 James "Kibo" Parry


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