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The continent of Kibonia.
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Artist's conception of our solar system.

Fun Facts About Kibonia

The Kibonia Times
Kibonia's only newspaper. We bring you all the news. There is no escape.

Vol. 601, #1
Xestel breaks ground on new phone HQ
Financial crisis in Heftia
Diamonds not discovered in Elastia
and other news for Ednesday, Arch 1, 1233

Vol. 601, #2
Copy Editor Repels Durian Rebels
Leader Kibo Survives Car Crash
New Phone System Fails Ahead Of Schedule
and other news for Uesday, Ebruary 23, 1234

Vol. 601, #3
Times Resumes Publication After Suspension Of Martial Law
Nuclear War Does Not Destroy Kibonia
All Computers Everywhere Explode Simulatenously
and other news for Hursday, Ovember 18, 1234

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