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From: (James "Kibo" Parry)
Subject:      Re: An Anthropological Taxonomy of Usenet Posters?
Newsgroups:   alt.culture.usenet, sci.anthropology, alt.religion.kibology
Organization: HappyNet Headquarters
Date:         Mon, 11 Apr 1994 07:36:55 GMT

In sci.anthropology, Geoffrey Watson ( wrote:
> (dana galatea copper) writes:
> >
> > (James "Kibo" Parry) emits:
> >>Desmond Morris, pop anthropologist and author of "The Naked Ape" (and
> >>"Manwatching" and "Catwatching"--in which we learn that Morris is
> >Oh, Kibo.  Usually I take this kind of thing with a grin, but this one
> >is too much.  Desmond Morris is not the author of "The Naked Ape".
> >You're thinking of Richard Darking, who wrote it as a sequel to "The
> 1968  The naked ape                  Desmond Morris   
> 1969  Naked ape or Homo sapiens?     John Lewis and Bernard Towers 
> 1976  The selfish gene               Richard Dawkins

Um, Geoffrey, what we have here is a phenomenon called "trolling".

Dana G. Cooper has asserted dominance here in a ritualized fashion by
getting you to admit that you know something, which means she wins
because she tricked you into showing off your knowledge, which in our
anti-intellectual society moves you down the pecking order... (Hope it
didn't hurt.)  This "trolling" is actually an evolutionary vestige of
the time when human beings were still evolving from spiders* and used it
as a mating ritual.  I think Dana likes you.

My posting was a "meta-troll", in which I posted something with a
completely straight face in hopes that someone else would try to make it
look like I was being sarcastic.  I evilly manipulated Dana with my
sociopathic charms into HAVING SOME FUN--whether Dana wanted to or not!

There are also "meta-meta-trolls", which are sort of complicated to
explain (if they even exist--I might be lying about whether there is
such a thing as a meta-meta-troll solely to get people to try posting one)
and then there's "accidental trolling" and "self-trolling".
Self-trolling probably will never occur in a group like
sci.anthropology, though--it only happens in places where people are so
clueless that they can confuse themselves, like

*Reference: Star Trek: The Next Generation "Genesis", where Barclay
turns into a spider because he's devolving.  They have a science
consultant for the show so everything on it must be real.  Also, I too
believe that humans evolved from spiders. <-- TROLL

								-- K.

From: (James "Kibo" Parry)
Subject:      Re: An Anthropological Taxonomy of Usenet Posters?
Newsgroups:   sci.anthropology, alt.culture.usenet, alt.religion.kibology
Organization: HappyNet Headquarters
Date:         Mon, 11 Apr 1994 07:40:00 GMT

In sci.anthropology, Rose Marie Holt ( wrote:
> In article <>,
> >Jon Tara <> wrote:
> >> 
> >> Wrong. Kibo is the MOST representative Usenet user! If nothing else, he has 
> >> got to be the most widely-read (Use-wise) among us. He goes whereever his grep 
> >> takes him!
> Being widely read does NOT make one representative.
> OOPs, I feel the hook sinking into my flesh!  AUGH IHBT!

Distinguished researchers,

What we have here is the first known instance of a SELF-META-TROLL.
This is where the troller and the trollee are the same person, and darn
well know it, too.  R M Holt pretended to fall for her own trap solely
to provoke someone into posting an explanation of this completely
nonexistent practice called "self-meta-trolling", and will probably
succeed in reeling in some totally clueless newbie who will make a
followup all about self-meta-trolling, even though there's never
actually been a self-meta-troll.

-- (James "Kibo" Parry)
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