Two Damn Images!

This was about half a year after I first became aware of the Bob Hope problem.

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From: (James "Kibo" Parry)
Subject:      TWO DAMN IMAGES!!!!
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Date:         Mon, 21 Apr 1997 08:40:39 GMT
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Two ideas just came to me... and they won't go away.

1.) The official Stanley Kubrick chess set, designed and produced by Mr.
Kubrick himself. All the squares would be glowing white plastic, except for
four shiny black ones arranged in a perfect asymmetric balance. The pieces
would squeak when you moved them. There would be a light bulb in front of
the most interesting square. Your opponent, wearing a brown tie, would hold
very still. The board would be really long and narrow and you'd have to
look at it through a fisheye lens. For three hours.

2.) What if Bob Hope had Bob Barker's Plinko Stick? We must kill Bob Hope
before this happens or he will destroy the world. HELP MAKE THE WORLD

                              -- K.

                                       thermonuclear devastation

                                          STANLEY KUBRICK MUST KILL BOB HOPE!!!


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