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Note: These links were compiled a year ago and probably at least half of them point to sites that died because nobody loved them. So don't blame me if some of them don't go anywhere.

I'm currently working on something which will be a vast improvement over these pages of antique links.


To hell with AltaVista and Yahoo! These are the only good links on the entire Web!

The spinning barber-poles are there to hypnotize you into either going to the site or getting a haircut, depending on their direction.

I'll weed out the dead links when I have a chance.

Kibo's official site. Somehow I have the feeling you already know about it.
Unofficial ARKive founded by Andrew Damick and now maintained by E. Holmes. Highly recommended, unofficially.
Alex Suter's ARKive. Has links and lots of alt.religion.kibology postings by Kibo and others. Spend a day here.
Ben Weiner's excellent page on the mysterious and bozotic Kibo.
Ben's copy of the Net.Legends FAQ entry on Kibo.
Net.Legends site.
Great Moments In Kibology; various alt.religion.kibology articles selected by Ted Faber.
Stephen Will Tanner's collection of a.r.k articles and other stuff.
Dave DeLaney's "miniFAQs". It's actually various good alt.religion.kibology articles.
My old FTP archive. Unorganized and full of crud: go there at your own risk. Will be rendered obsolete by a Web page when I write one. Gee, I wonder if I'm writing one now...

The holy newsgroup about moi. Other newsgroups with my name in theirs exist, but they're pretty much ignored.
Matt McIrvin, prominent Kibologist and nucular physicist. This page includes some of his earliest a.r.k posts, which I dug up in my archive. Matt's home page is
Page of Lisa Higgins, aka Lisa Pea.
Misha Verbitsky's Well Of Beauty contains some alt.religion.kibology-related stuff, such as some of my Spot stories.
More fun... in transliterated Russian, or maybe Martian.
Thomas M. Richardson's page for Kibo's Presidential campaign.
Yahoo. Bleah. Yahoo.
Andrew Bulhak's writings, some of them posted to a.r.k.
Has "Graffiti from alt.religion.kibology", which is links to various other sites. A pretty interface.
An explanation of the Kibo-related part of the Geek Code. Geek Code is discussed in detail in many other places. The official home of GC is:
Article on .signatures from a Web magazine. Links to Kibo's 1000-line .signature and the newer one-megabyte PDF one. If your browser doesn't like frames, go to
An HTML reformatting of my "Christmas 2000: Spot's Third First Christmas" which was dissected in The Economist's book review section. Rob Leitman's HTML version (made with my permission) makes it easy to follow the links, but don't let it prevent you from reading the endings out of sequence in the manner God intended! Another version (made with my permission too, I think) won't let you cheat:
The Wired profile of Kibo, minus the huge picture.
Letter to the editor of Wired. it actually got me declared "Tired". Yay.
Stupid Net Tricks. Warns you what will happen if you go anywhere near alt.religion.kibology.
Page about talk.bizarre, where I don't post more than once or twice a year these days. But this page mentions me in passing so it's here.
Has instructions on make a Kibo mask. The better of two Kibo masks I've seen people create. By Morissa (front) and Ranjit (back). The picture of it in use is truly scary.
Twelve songs about Kibology.
NetSurfer Digest, Volume 0, Number 10. Has a paragraph about me and a link to Alex Suter's page.
From MacMillan publishing's publicity for Trick Of The Internet Gurus. Has the interview with me and my drawing of Spot.
The foreword, which is a short story by me about Spot.
Kibo is NOT the correct answer to #2.
Who Is Kibo? "This article is classified 'Fictional'" says the top.
"Mentos: The Motion Picture" by Kibo. Short story, 1994.
"They Saved Biff's Brane Part 6" by Kibo. Short story, 1992. Does anyone have the FIRST part? I think I have the later ones, but the original from 1990 or 1991 (with Carl Sagan and Nancy Reagan inside Biff's brain) may have been lost.
"New Physics Curriculum" by Kibo. Detailed followup to a sci.physics post, 1995.
Good article by David C. Smith discussing how to make Kibology, Scientology, eNews, and eWorld work together. At two places on the same server.
IDG publishes MacWorld, etc. They refer to my .signature as being "350 lines plus", which is an odd way of saying "1000".
A rather lame posting by Kibo. Other lame postings by Kibo:
A contribution by Bruce Ediger to Sarah Smiley's "Virtual Beret" interactive art project. More at:
The Day I Spammed Usenet And Got E-Mail From Kibo.
Seven-Minute Wonders On The Internet.
Filksong, with the lyric "Next to James 'Kibo' Parry, Alfvaen's the posting king."
Mystery Science Theater 3000 has never featured The Milpitas Monster, but here they encounter a prominent alt.religion.kibology personality from Milpitas.
A very special Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode where they check out alt.startrek.creative fanfic. I'm 2/3 of the way down.
Remember cascades? By the way, Iain Sinclair invented the term after I suggested he post "I urinate on your newsgroup" to alt.postmodern so that I could follow up with "I urinate on your urination." The resulting waste of indent characters caused a shortage of greater-thans to this day, which is why so many things are equal. You can see an earlier stage of the same cascade at
Kibo's HappyNet Manifesto. Nice formatting. You can find various editions of the Manifesto in the various other archives. Check the date of Usenet's destruction at the top to see how old these are. I think 1994 is the most recent. (For some reason, I typed "/94" as "/43" on one line. I should learn to proofread.)
All Things Kibo; only has my old FAQ and HappyNet Manifesto.
The nation of Cyberistan. I was just thinking about forming my own country on my Web page, but of course it's not only been done, I've already been appointed President for life. Go there now. Warning: U.S. citizens cannot return to the United States once you enter Cyberistan. Any of them. Ever.
Kibo's one of the few notable people outside the Tri-County Area.
A reference to Kibo during a discussion of online porn. (Great, now SurfWatch is going to disallow kids from reading this page because I said "porn". Kids need Kibology most! Give generously to Kibology For Kids.)
Jargon File definition for "Kibo." Claims it's an acronym. Many other sites have this, and it's also in a book titled "The New Hacker's Dictionary".
A followup to a followup to a followup to a followup to a followup to something I said.
Subtle Must Die has a link to Alex Suter's Kibology page.
Spells my name wrong.