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Note: These links were compiled a year ago and probably at least half of them point to sites that died because nobody loved them. So don't blame me if some of them don't go anywhere.

I'm currently working on something which will be a vast improvement over these pages of antique links.


This is where links go when they point to pages that are almost, but not quite, about Kibology.
These links were naughty.

I'll remove the "dead" links when I have a chance.
One-page summaries of notable religious cults. Omits Kibology, therefore it sucks.
I don't know. The picture frightens me. "Kibo" is a Japanese word meaning "hope" or a boy's name (if you pronounce it kee-bo, which I don't.) But I have no idea what this page is.
Apparently a Japanese sculptor named Kibo. The English version of the page seems to be missing.
The "Kibo" tapered bushing makes replacing hollow shaft gear units child's play.
One way participating in Kibology can make you rich: when a new Kibological term like "fütplex" is bandied about, use it as the name for your new product! (Incidentally, I came up with "fütplex" when I saw a crate at the Museum of Science stencilled "FUT PLEX". I still don't know what it was. Futuristic plexiglass?)
Okay, he claims to have gotten Dan Rather beaten up, that's a point in his favor.
The Japanese experimental space-plane's name is "Hope-X". Do I need to tell you how to say "Hope" in Japanese? Anyway, here's a picture of the super-cool Kibo-X.
Home page of NASDA, the Japanese space agency, which is like NASA only it has a D in it. Also they like cutesy animated GIFs. Imagine that little critter flying the Kibo-X into your living room.
Journal of an intrepid explorer laid up with high fever at Kibo Hut on Mount Kilimanjaro. As the Monty Python routine discussed, Mt. Kilimanjaro has two peaks. I bet you thought they were kidding. The tall one is Kibo. You can see more photos and descriptions of this Kibo at
Lyrics to the Queen song "La Japonaise" (1988), in which several lines end with the word "kibo".
Skibo was the student union at Carnegie-Mellon University, and it was shaped like a giant "H" before they knocked it down. This has nothing to do with the alt.religion.kibology "Giant H Olympics" held yearly, which were inspired by a movie in which people were beating each other up with a Giant H.
Mirrors Kibo's old archive of Robert E. McElwaine's enlightened postings about physics.
A Swedish zoo has an elephant named Kibo.
Beatrice, a Web magazine (whose staff includes a.r.k regulars Jesse Garon and Beverley White) has yet to interview Kibo.
Used to have a link which sent me mail for no reason about a program I didn't write.