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Of the 1700 entries in my vast bookmark file, these are some of my favorites. The other 1600 suck.

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Note: These links were compiled a year ago and probably at least half of them point to sites that died because nobody loved them. So don't blame me if some of them don't go anywhere.

I'm currently working on something which will be a vast improvement over these pages of antique links.

Useful Computery Stuff
        Too Much Sci-Fi TV For Any Human
            Movies & TV


Usenet & Web search tools
DejaNews lets you search Usenet articles (their archive of alt.religion.kibology only goes back about two years), and if you're really desperate, you can read current articles and post. (I recommend reading current news with an actual news-reader program with an actual Internet service provider, not with DejaNews or a Web browser.)
AltaVista, which can also search current Usenet articles (from the last couple of weeks) and the entire Web.
Go somewhere random with AltaVista. 50% of the pages returned are Web server statistics; 25% are huge tables of unlabelled numbers; 25% are ads for companies too pathetic to buy a classified ad in the City Shopper. Set your home page to this URL for a kicky blast.
More popular Web search tools..
Yahoo, a comprehensive index of the more useful parts of the Web.

Usenet client programs

 (Mac, various)
 (Mac, various)
 (Mac, MT-NewsWatcher)
 (Mac, YA-NewsWatcher)
 (Win, Gravity)
 (Win, Agent)
 (Win, various)
Good graphical-interface news-reader programs for those of you using PPP or SLIP or TCP/IP connections from a desktop computer. For Macs, MT-NewsWatcher is the most recent and comprehensive (great scorefiles), but you'll need to switch to the weaker YA-NewsWatcher if you need to post pictures. Under Windows, but Gravity and Agent (the commercial version of Forté Free Agent--the free one is missing important stuff) seem pretty good. Let me know if you have any comments on these.
Tip: use a special-purpose news-reader program like these, instead of your Web browser, to read Usenet. Trust me on this.

Usenet help

 (FAQs) news:news.answers
 (FAQs) news:news.announce.newusers
 (rn/trn killfile FAQ)
 (Win, Agent FAQ)
 (Win, Free Agent)
 (Win, viewing pictures)
 (Mac, YA-NewsWatcher)
General help on using Usenet news-readers, including the ones above and UNIX text-based ones. Also try (a) reading your manual, (b) talking to your local system administrator, or (c) asking news.newusers.questions if you have problems.

Mail client programs
Eudora is an excellent e-mail program (Win/Mac) with good filtering capabilities. Eudora Light can be downloaded; Eudora Pro must be purchased. I highly recommend Eudora Light, which has enough capabilities to satisfy most people.
Andrew Starr's unofficial Eudora site has lots of information.

Software, worthwhile & downloadable

Large archives of shareware and freeware.

Web client programs

 (Internet Explorer)
 (Netscape Navigator)
Need a big fat new browser? Download Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator for Mac OS or Windows.

Web design tips & HTML help
NCSA's tutorial on using HTML. An excellent introduction (try reading this before buying some overpriced book). There's an HTML version and a downloadable PDF version (24 pages). A ton of information is packed into those 24, including all the basic rules about how to make your HTML work correctly.
Links to a variety of HTML validation tools, for checking that your page's HTML is written correctly.
Some documentation (including technical stuff) on HTML from the W3 consortium's site.
Various reference materials on Web site coding/design/management.
Brief list of Top Ten Mistakes In Web Site Design by Jakob Neilsen. I agree wholeheartedly with nine of these. (Okay, so I like flashing GIF animations. But that's because I'm evil and want to hurt your eyes.)
Some Netscape Navigator stunts. Only covers versions through 3.0.

Virus help

 (general info)
General computer virus information.
 (NAV and SAM updates)
 (Virex updates)
 (McAfee updates)
If you use anti-virus software, you must download the monthly virus definition updates (free) for it or it won't be terribly useful.

Other stuff...
NewMedia magazine's "Hyperstand", offering news and reviews.
Andy McFadden's excellent CD-recorder FAQ.
Vicinity Corporation's MapBlast (aka will make detailed street maps of any place in the USA, suitable for viewing, printing, or framing.
A Webster server that lets you get dictionary definitions for words. No substitute for a real, physical dictionary, but useful nonetheless.
Big chart showing technical specifications for every major kind of computer processor.
Susan Kare, who designed the icons for Mac OS, Windows, and OS/2! It's all her fault that you're computer's got stuff all over it!


MAME (Multiple Arcade Emulation Machine) will let you play about a hundred actual arcade games (not the home versions, the real versions) on your computer. Look for links from these sites to plenty of other emulation-related ones.

Some sites devoted to the LucasArts game Dark Forces (and other Star Wars games); links from these sites will get you to many others.
Jeff Minter, videogame programmer, is cooler than Fonzie. His best-known game: Tempest 2000 (Atari Jaguar).
Makers of Battle-Girl, an old-fangled destruction-filled vector graphic game that goes really really fast; my current favorite, even if it has a sissy name. (Currently available only for Mac OS, but an arcade version and then a Windows version are planned.) Be sure to visit their high scores page:

Babylon 5 official site.
Babylon 5 fan sites.
Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.
Links devoted to my lovely and talented ex-wife, Claudia Christian, star of Babylon 5, Hexed, The Hidden, Arena, A Gnome Named Gnorm, etc.
Mira Furlan (Delenn) reference site. See what she looks like without that thing on her head.
A Battlestar Galactica page.
Official Richard "Am I Harrison Ford Yet?" Hatch home page. Hear him actually great you aloud! No news yet on whether Dirk "Am I Mark Hamill yet?" Benedict or Lorne "Was I Sir Alec Guiness Yet?" Greene will set up pages.
UFO, Gerry Anderson's go-go-delic super-mod show... to which Space:1999 was a sequel.
The Space:1999 Cyber Museum.
Unofficial Barbara Bain page. Tell me again, why did I marry her?
Barry Morse's official page. Curiously, his official resume doesn't list the 1980 Canadian "The Shape Of Things To Come", in which he was the Moonbase commander who was killed by the revolving Jell-O mold while Jack Palance wore a water-cooler bottle on his head.
Stingray Museum. A huge toy collection! More Stingray toys that were ever made for Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea and seaQuest DSV combined!
Various pages by fans of NBC's seaQuest DSV, or as it was later called, NBC's seaQuest 2032. Note the dueling fan-fic sites, "seaQuest 2047" and "seaQuest SNN (2193)".
Cold North publishing covers various shows, including Space:1999, The Starlost, seaQuest DSV, Volkswarrior, etc. They will try to sell you stuff.
What's on the Sci-Fi Channel today?
Monstervision is where TNT (Ted Turner's mid-range channel, squarely between TBS [The Beastmaster Station] and TCM [movies without commercials or Joe Bob Briggs]. TNT's other late-night fun movie spot is called 100% Weird. Some days I sing the "100% Weird" theme song all day. One hunnnerd percennnnt... weeeeeEEEEEeeeeeeeird.
Ellison Webderland, excellent official site devoted to driven author Harlan Ellison. I'm filing him under "Sci-Fi TV" just because I'm hoping he'll write a long rant about how evil I am, segueing into another one about how the Internet is full of creepy geeks. (He's never been wrong yet.)

Siskel & Ebert. Owned by the Disney corporation, but at least it doesn't Medvedize their reviews.
Mr. Show with Bob & Dave! (Odenkirk & Cross, that is.) Two of the geniuses behind "The Ben Stiller Show" star in the most bizarre (and evil) sketch comedy show currently on TV (except when it's not on, for 3/4 of the year.) I wish life were just like Mr. Show.
Comedy Central. They cancelled Mystery Science Theater 3000, they lost Politically Incorrect to ABC, and now their flagship is... '80s teen sex comedies. Lots of Piscopovian Saturday Night Live episodes, too. But at least they have things you can click on on their Web site.
The Wizard Of Speed & Time, a wonderfully hyperkinetic movie by (and about) animator Mike Jittlov.
The Church of Barney.
Bert is evil! (I always claimed it was Ernie what done it when some'un offed Mister 'ooper.)
El Gran Juego de la Oca ("The Big Goose Game"), my favorite Spanish language game show. If you don't know Spanish, it'll be even more surreal; bodybuilders in a giant birdcage, Maxtor the pro wrestler chasing people through a giant ant farm, the bodypainting square, the girls doing the Oca (goose) dance... oh boy. There are other versions of this show, such as the one made in Italy.
An all-star tribute to the music, TV, and movies of the bitchin' 1980s!
What happened to the Happy Days cast? Good research here (he knows about Potsie's involvement with third-season seaQuest) but tactfully chooses to omit the sordid details about Erin Moran.
"Guns & Mashed Potatoes", a play by Winlar The Magnificent, mentions Erin Moran... and features Henry Winkler as Satan.
In Foxy magazine's reader survey of the 152 coolest girls ever, Erin finished a fab #141, a few names above Bea Arthur and only slightly below the woman who says "You're soaking in it!" in the Palmolive commercials.
This page reminds us that for one dark week, Joanie did not love Chachi: she had a crush on Potsie.
Happy Days Italian fan club.
Various pages for Sid & Marty Krofft shows (Lidsville, The Bugaloos, H. R. Puf'N'Stuf, etc., etc., etc.)
Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Seventh sign of the Apocalypse: "Bob Hope Becomes A Free Agent". Quick, someone sign him to another 50-year contract before he gets old.
Small Wonder was the best show ever to feature a sassy robot! And now you can read all about it on this comprehensive unofficial site, including essays by the show's technical advisor!
Official site of Ezio Greggio, prolific Italic comic actor whose films (which he writes, directs, and stars in) can move anyone to tears. He is best known for playing "Jo Dee Fostar" in "Silence Of The Hams" (you could tell because he wore a t-shirt which said "JO DEE FOSTAR") where he was upstaged by a billiant Dom DeLuise performance.