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Boston Tourist Detractions

Kibo says:

These are random photos from my neighborhood which didn't fit into any of the funny categories.

Bacon Chambers apartments

I hate apartments that smell like cigars, but I wouldn't mind this one.


Rubble of historic Boston Garden.

Historic Boston Garden. They say that on cold days it actually snows on the players here.

(Yes, this was Boston Garden. Recognize the intricate detailwork on the rubble?)

Random garbage stuffed into broken lamp post

Public art just ain't what it used to be.

(Across the street from the wreckage of Boston Garden.)

On This Spot D. W. Moody Was Converted To God In A Shoe Store.

Could be worse. He could have been converted to a shoe store.

(Plaque outside Staples store, Government Center.)

Newsracks galore Newsracks galore II

And they say nobody reads these days.


This Newsrack Is In Violation...

That's because it wasn't next to the other 25.


Steeple with scaffolding

Quake just doesn't run right with my cheap 3-D accelerator.


Fern Cleaners

Steve Allen is standing across the street giggling his head off.


Boston Normal School

HIGH !!!!11 EYE"M BIFF !!!!!!1 I GØ 2 THE ØTHUR SKØØL !!!111


Foggy night scene

Night-time view from my apartment's balcony. In the distance you can see Harrison Ford flying his car.

(Looking towards Roxbury from the Longwood Medical Area.)

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