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Warning! Using these files equals reading alt.religion.kibology the hard way!

These are all the recent alt.religion.kibology articles written by Kibo.

These files are posted here for the benefit of those of you who have missed some recent articles (you were on vacation when they were available through normal means, or your Internet provider's newsfeed wimped out, or you just like reading Kibo's articles this way because there's no chance you'll accidentally read one that's not by Kibo.)

The articles are packed together in clumps, each of which covers a week ending on the date listed. These files tend to be pretty long (circa 100 pages per week), so I suggest you save them to your disk (right-click if you're using Windows, hold the button down if you're using Mac OS, then select "save this link as..." or "download link to disk") and read them with your favorite text editor or word processor.

(Also, some articles near the end of each batch may be repeated at the beginning of the next batch. This is because the computer thinks they're twice as good as the others.)

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