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Oy! I like making new pages more than I like updating the existing ones!

Only you can decide how Kibo spends his time!

Puh-leeze vote for one of the following to be Kibo's priority every waking moment from now on:

Dear Kibo, I have clicked a thingie below to tell you:

 Your Web site is perfect as it is, don't change a thing. Ever.

 Write more news for The Kibonia Times!

 Review more kinds of yucky-tasting food!

 Continue Spot & Einstein's Endless Adventure posthaste!

 Make more goofy-looking ad banners for the tops of pages!

 Update Kibo's press clippings that showcase his wonderful vanity!

 Post more of the best of Kibo's alt.religion.kibology articles!

 Post some of the worst of Kibo's alt.religion.kibology articles!

 Showcase more classic selections from Kibo's 1991-1998 fiction!

 Get rid of that pompous blather on the "About Kibo's Site" page!

 Explain more big words like "asafetida" in the exegesis!

 Update Kibo's official Frequently Asked Questions list!

 Crank out some more "Fun Factoids For Reporters"!

 How about more desktop wallpaper for my computer? I want a big Animal 57 picture!

 Geez, your writeup on how Usenet and killfiles work is outdated. Fix it!

 Stop waiting for more people to participate in the "What Is Kibology?" survey and drop that cow!

 Your WebTV page isn't broken enough.

 Your "useful" links are useful, except they're all dead.

 Ditto for the "Kibological" and "Para-Kibological" links.

 Get off your butt and post the results of the "What's Old?" survey!

 The Cartoon Network shows way too much Popeye.

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