Kibo's Virtual Reality Tour

Seen at the New England Aquarium

Kibo says:

I went to the Aquarium and I took photos of everything except the fish.

I should point out that the Aquarium is a progressive organization: When the news media pointed out that their cafeteria serves fishwiches, the Aquarium reacted promptly and put up a small sign explaining why eating fishwiches is good for fish in general.

Armpit inspection sign

Because fish have a powerful sense of smell, armpits must be inspected before entering.

It's All The Same Water

Fine, I dare you to drink the brown stuff.

Is It A Fish? Animal 1 through 4

Oh, sure, they're going to tell me Animal 57 isn't a fish just because it's rectangular, featureless, boneless, and skinless. But that doesn't mean it's a legitimate animal, either.

Family Tree of Fishes ugly sign

This sign is to help convince the fish that we're the ones trapped behind the glass walls. And that we're a kind of fish with ugly cyan skin.

I can hide on the bottom beause of my flat shape.

A principle you can apply at your job. Remember, the biggest chunks float to the top.

What did you like best? The ball on the computer that follows your finger.

This was next to a touchscreen kiosk which had crashed, displaying only a spinning-ball cursor that YOU could move around the empty screen with your widdle finger.

And you were wondering why my Web site doesn't have a guestbook.

So that you won't feel like you missed anything by not visiting the Aquarium, here's a ball that will follow your finger for as long as you want!


Oh, yeah, I think they had some fish, too.

James "Kibo" Parry
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