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This section of my Web site is devoted to photos of things other than people, because people get mad when you take their photo just to make fun of them. So, I proudly present my galleries of stupid things that won't get mad at me.

A series of galleries exploring the iconography of orange plastic cones in America. (Well, someone has to photograph them!)

K Orange cones: Introductory rant (and yellow tentlets)

K Orange cones: Typical deployment

K Orange cones: Strange positions

K Orange cones: Death of a cone

K Orange cones: Creepy cones

K Orange cones: Results of the 1999 Conetest

The first three of my series of exposés of the horrors to be found at your local toy store. (Several more galleries of dumb toys will follow.)

K Dumb Toys 1: Why Darth Vader Doesn't Scare Me

K Dumb Toys 2: Action Figures That Aren't Walking Off Store Shelves

K Dumb Toys 3: Inaction Figures (WARNING: CONTAINS BOB HOPE)

A photographer's conception of the world I live in. Photos of Boston...

K Boston Scenes & Tourist Detractions

K The (T) -- subways, trains, buses, and stupid signs all in one place

K Do You Know The Big Dig From A Hole In The Ground?

And field trips to local museums...

K Something's Fishy At The New England Aquarium

K The Children's Museum - because children love museums

K Museum Of Science - if it were a normal museum, half the paintings would be out of order.

And if you've been through the above sections, you know that I am fascinated by bad signs. Take a gander at these signs...

K Bad Signs: Lettering (Gallery 1)

K Bad Signs: Lettering (Gallery 2)

K Bad Signs: Spellling (Gallery 1)

K Bad Signs: Spellling (Gallery 2)

K Bad Signs: HUH? (Gallery 1)

K Bad Signs: HUH? (Gallery 2)

And assorted other nightmarish images from our consumer-tastic society...

K Nightmares of Consumerism

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