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Orange Cones, Gallery 4:
The Twilight Cone

Kibo says:

You are entering another dimension. A dimension of orange cones. Creepy cones. Cones of the strange. Cones of the bizarre. Cones of the unexpected!

Well, okay, cones can never be that interesting. But this page is devoted to some of my weirder sightings of unidentified cone-shaped objects.

And now... Evidence of the sinister cone conspiracy: The Cone Files.

A nightmarish image:

Cones on CNN 1

From the TV - when CNN Headline News visited the source of the cones.

Cones on CNN 2

I can't see the face of the guy in the back, holding the cone, but I bet he's pretending to enjoy his job.

CNN never aired any followups to this report on the proliferation of cones - could they have been warned away by the cone-spiracy?

Of course, the cones' invasion of our everyday lives will be completed once the cones insinuate themselves into the minds of our children.

Cones for kids!

Just the thing for your little Webmaster to use to decorate his pretend Web site.

Gumby cones

Oh no! The cones have gotten to Gumby!

Unidentified Flying Orange thing

Could the color of this blimp be a means of conditioning us to ignore bright orange things that can fly?

Real construction sites, mindful that the world is already awash in cones, have switched to using orange barrels.

Of course, they're being careful not to over-use the barrels.

Barrels stretching to the horizon

It's barrels as far as the eye can see!

Barrels to the right of me!

Barrels to the left of me!

Barrels all the way to the horizon!

There is no escape!

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