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Orange Cones, Gallery 3:
The Cone Cycle

Kibo says:

And now, ladies and gentlemen... an exploration of the final stages of the life cycle of an orange cone.

I'm not sure all cones go through all these stages, but there's little to prevent cones from getting mangled in these ways.

Besides, I'm sure you'll agree that cones that have suffered horrible agonies are less uninteresting than pristine cones.

In any case, I don't have any photos of sparkling new cones. This is because cones get beat up within their first day of deployment.

Tipless cone

Cones can suffer horrible nipple injuries.

Cone in bondage

...but, fortunately, they can get reconstructive surgery.

Cones turning white

If a cone survives, in its old age the orange paint begins flaking off.

Albino cone

Eventually the cone is nude!

Split cone

This cone is badly wounded... but still standing.

Cone with tire tracks 1 Cone with tire tracks 2

Two views of a cone which survived a run-in with something that had big black tire treads.

Crushed cone with poison berries

This crumpled cone appears to have taken its own life by eating poison berries.

(Note how the cone's color is even brighter than the warning color of the deadly berries at bottom right.)

Mashed cone and orange barrel

The barrel is there to keep us away from the scene of the crime - where an orange cone has just been murdered!

Mashed cone in extreme gory close-up

Colonel Mustard, in the parking lot, with the steamroller!

Cone under a steel plate

(Please forgive the grainy night shot.)

This cone is trying to escape from under a thick steel plate. It probably weighs about a ton (I mean the plate, not the cone.)

Note how the cone is congenially leaning towards the plate that's crushing it.

Just the ring, ma'am.

Eventually, there's nothing left of the cone except for its pseudopodia.

The body of this cone has returned to the earth from which the oil that made the plastic came.

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