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Kibo's Virtual Reality Tour: Signs


Kibo says:

These are sines from the Boston aria which ofennded me for some raisin.

random Greek lowercase letters flying around

If you're Greek you can read confetti.

I like the fact that not only were they dumb enough to think that random letters from the Symbol font were decorative dingbats, but that they were too lazy to draw their own squiggles!

(Coolidge Corner, Brookline)

2-1/2' apples

Them's some big apples!

(Prudential Star market, Boston.)

Custom Edition Personalized Intials

They're not just regular initials. They're personalized initials. Custom personalized initials.

Oh, wait, they aren't even initials. They're "intials". My mistake.

Folder Bun

Power users call them "directory buns".

Some of them contain a rich creamy filling; others contain various other folder buns.

(88 Super Market, Chinatown.)

USDA Fermit No. C

So, these would be frog eggs with bits of green felt stuck to them?

(88 Super Market.)


A "Stop Ahead" pavement marking.

(From Los Angeles, the eastbound Alameda offramp of the 101 Freeway. Contributed by Mike Jittlov.)

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