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Kibo's Virtual Reality Tour

Nightmares of Consumerism

Kibo says:

This photo gallery will give you just as many nightmares as a day of shopping at the average Yuppie-oriented mall!

cat kettle with hole in head cat kettle with crosshair on foot

The crosshair marks where the bullet was supposed to hit. Poor kitty!


green Don Knotts asking 'Where's My Nozzle?'

Zoinks! Ron Rotts rikes ribrating rozzles, Raggy!

(Pearl Art, Central Square.)

Scented Play-Doh: Explorange etc.

So is it natural Explorange or artificial Explorange?

(Toys R Us.)

Body Wash for kids with a sideways ASCII smiley



Wonder Bread factory outlet shop

Save big on factory reject Wonder Bread with red, yellow, blue, and special fuzzy green spots.


Twinkie The Kid in three-dimensional wood

Yeeeee-ha! Ride 'em, artificially-flavored preservative-filled foam-latex-textured chemically-synthesized boy!

Wooden Twinkies are almost as appetizing as regular ones.

(Twinkies mascot on the wall of above store.)

Mannequin that looks like Barbara Bain

My wife, television's Barbara Bain.

(Cherry & Webb store window, Brookline.)

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