Scienteriffic Research Dept.

A BIG THANK-YOU to everyone who participated in the first research study! Kibo received over 500 completed questionnaires and has performed a detailed statistical analysis. Results were quite surprising, and perhaps a little too revealing. Analysis of these results is now being released to you for the first time!

But there's one catch. (There is always a catch... in science.) The unexpectedly weird results of the first study have prompted some follow-up research. Therefore, a second survey questionnaire has been posted. And to keep the results from the first study from tainting the second one, you have to fill out the second questionnaire before you can see the results of the first one. OH, BOY! SCIENCE IS FUN!

So proceed to the link below and fill out the form you see (it only has about a hundred questions, not counting the essays) and then you will receive your special reward: You will learn what everyone else in the world is thinking! At least about Kibology.

I am a link!
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