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I made this page by accident!


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K This site's front door.
Where the end of normality begins. The event horizon of bozosity. Where the site map is hidden.
K About Kibo's pages.
Want some hot air?
K What's new! Updated!
A green golfball walks into an antique store, and asks...
K What's old?
Complain about how little time Kibo spends working on this huge Web site!
K Frequently Asked Questions.
Includes the ever-popular "Is there a FAQ?"
K Fun factoids about Kibo.
All true. Recommended reading for journalists looking to pad something out.
K Help answer the question "What Is Kibology?"
Make the world a more Kibological place by helping with Kibo's scienteriffic research!
K Stories Kibo wrote. Updated!
At least one of these contains half a pun. (And it's not the half that eats.)
K Postings by Kibo.
Like reading Usenet, without those other guys.
K Kibo's Photo Gallery
It's a virtual reality tour, only without the virtual reality. Or the tour.
K Join Kibo's secret new project. (Updated weekly.)
It's called Kibo's "Do What I Say" Club.
K Kibo's media scrapbook.
Reporters think Kibo's cool, so it must be true.
K Read alt.religion.kibology.
If you've never used Usenet... prepare to break your brain.
K Raw data.
In case you missed something, every message Kibo recently posted... wadded up into a big ball. (Updated weekly, but only if you're still living in 2006.)
K Tips on how to read alt.religion.kibology.
Killfiles & selectfiles. Also works for the rest of Usenet.
K Hints at cracking alt.religion.kibology's buzzwords.
Is Matt McIrvin refusing to explain the meta-jokes to you? Try my attempt at it.
K Download big files.
Electronic books, text files, archives, pictures by or about Kibo.
K Hefty kewl Kibological links.
A zillion other Web pages about Kibo.
K Yucky dumb para-Kibological links.
Some dumb links that wish they were about Kibo.
K Links about computers, TV & movies.
A zillion links. Some useful.
K Links about food, fun, and fungus.
A zillion and a half links. Some useful. Some evil. Some just plain goofy.
K Kibo's junk food reviews.
Posted from time to time. Contains no cheese.
K Spot & Einstein have an endless adventure.
You can vote on what happens next.
K Club 91's secret page.
Elite fraternity for the culturally superior.

James "Kibo" Parry
last revised December 25, 2009

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