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Selections from Kibo's recent Usenet posts

Of the 15,000 or so Usenet posts I've made since I began archiving 'em eight years ago, these are some of the 14,000 or so which are worth reading.

Writings About Fun People

The best thing about Usenet is you get to interact with all sorts of creative people. And Alexander Abian too.

re Don Saklad, Boston Public Library Watchdog, and his day

re Alexander Abian, theoretical physicist, and his pants

re Diana, who never used a land mine

re John_-_Winston, witness to the incredible, and his bad information

re Capaliwoda and deadly mind control radiation

Posts Which Include Stories

Kibo made up another story on the Spot! While wearing cleats! Poor Spot!


Spot, The Overloaded Operator

Too Much Candy Is Good For You

Posts about politics & society

Nobody else ever discusses politics on the net.

Kibo's acceptance speech, given after he won a 1992 "Spokesman For Earth" vote in alt.alien.visitors.

Kibo's acceptance speech, given after he almost won the 1992 Presidential election.

Kibo's plan to save the world... through TV!

Posts about Internet/Usenet culture

Read this stuff to learn if you're a nerd!

How did the convention of including quotes begin?

Trolling, Meta-Trolling & Meta-Meta-Trolling

No More Bacon! & the trolling score chart

The 1994 edition of the HappyNet Manifesto

...and what comes after HappyNet?

The 1998 edition of the HappyNet Manifesto, now Happynet 3!

The 1999 HappyWeb Manifesto NEW!

Posts about other pseudo-bozotical thingies

Sort of like typical Usenet traffic, only better.

Two Damn Images!

re Nicole Kidman snuff story

Rant: Not Rant-Like

Diagram of comedy and its forms

More To Come

I've written about ten thousand of these articles,
and here I'm not even showing the bizarre ones.

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